The Pest Interceptors are television accredited pest control specialists situated surrounding the city of Birmingham - additionally covering areas including the West Midlands, Shropshire and Worcestershire. Our extensive education and expertise enable us to attend to an array of insidious and invasive pests; at properties that are either residential or used commercially for businesses. 


Every member of the Pest Interceptors team has achieved a minimum certificate of RSPH Level 2 in Pest Control, in addition to being members of BASIS Prompt Professional Pest Controllers - an industry initiative that provides independent proof that Great British Pest Professionals have received the adequate training required, whilst vowing to continue evolving their practice and expertise as various new types of pests arise and alternative pest infestation treatment techniques develop.

What We Do...

We offer services attending to a diverse variety of invasive pests, each of which are detailed on their individual service page and more thoroughly throughout our series of blogs - it is here that you can read about identifying the pests, their behaviours, what you can do at home, and much more. Employment of the Pest Interceptors guarantees the handling of creatures in a way that is discrete, considerate, legally compliant and empathetic. We are on hand to offer our expertise and advice to customers; it is vital to call immediately upon the discovery of a potential pest problem due to the alarming rate at which pests multiply.


Sadly, in nearly every case we attend, prior to our deployment to a job individuals have attempted to eradicate an infestation themselves. Internet ‘DIY remedies’ and other medieval methods of executing the creatures that haunt your home is something we see all too often; amongst their desperation, property owners neglect to realise the methods they are pursuing are mostly criminally offensive, cruel and ultimately play to the pest advantage, making matters far far worse. We pride ourselves on our gentle approach to creatures and our exceeding customer service - should you identify a pest problem but need assistance distinguishing between beastly bugs or birds, we are on hand to offer advice and methods of eradication, with no obligation. 

We would never advise the use of any standard ‘one size fits all’ traps or vile cocktails of harsh chemicals - upon discovering a prospective pest, simply call us for advice. Like all of our previous customers, you can be confident in our genuine approach to ridding you of your pests - there is no obligation upon calling for some assurance. 

The Pest Interceptors are industry leaders and are among some of the finest pest interventionists in the country. Should you find yourself in need of pest control in Worcester or surrounding, for eradication or prevention purposes, there is no company better to turn to. Our extensively trained staff of professional pest attendees guarantee that you, and your property, are in safe and attentive hands.


Pest Interceptors is led by Christan Hems, a dedicated and qualified pest control expert with years of experience tackling all manner of pest problems across the Midlands.