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Flea Infestation Control

Just One Treatment - One payment - No More Fleas - Guaranteed*

It's that simple. No second or third treatments, no further expense. Our flea treatment makes fleas just a bad memory.


Stop getting bitten by fleas, start by calling the Pest Interceptors on 07852134442 now.


But let us also answer some frequently asked questions about fleas and also how we can (unlike our competitors) offer to cure your flea infestation in just one visit and to GUARANTEE* it. Please read on.


To qualify for our FLEA FREE GUARANTEE* you will simply need to go to the bottom of this page and comply with the PDF Checklist. Do this and you have a RISK FREE GUARANTEED* flea treatment!


But first, let us look together at why your shop bought treatments aren't being successful at getting rid of your fleas. Let's find out why you still have fleas, and at the same time explain how we WILL make your home FLEA FREE and how we can GUARANTEE* that our flea treatment will work.


Let us go on a little journey together, because if we work together, those pesky fleas will be gone in a no time at all. Please read on:


Does this describe what is happening? You use your over the counter flea treatment, and at first, you will initially be overjoyed when the fleas disappear. Only to be disappointed a few days, or sometimes weeks, later when the dreaded fleas start to reappear! It is infuriating isn't it. Well if you read on, I will explain why this is happening and how, as a team, we will cure your flea infestation together.

We feel your pain and let us assure you that you are not alone in having fleas that keep coming back, the truth is, they never completely went in the first place! I am going to explain why this is, and why the Pest Interceptors will always cure your flea problem and they will even GUARANTEE* it, so its RISK FREE! Now you are with the team who will get rid of your persistent flea infestation, GUARANTEED*.

To beat the flea infestation, we need you to be part of our team too, we have to work together to make those itchy fleas a distant memory. This is a pest problem where you, the customer, are as important in the successful flea treatment process as we are! Please read on so you will understand why the treatments you have tried have not worked and why we need you on our team to conquer your flea problem, side by side, together. We are serious about getting rid of your fleas, we need you to understand our joint enemy, the flea, so that together we can get rid of your flea infestation properly, and so that we can give you a RISK FREE, FLEA FREE GUARANTEE*! We do this on a daily basis, all of the time, for people just like you. It's what we do. We excel at it so much we proudly state: ONE TREATMENT. ONE PAYMENT. NO MORE FLEAS. GUARANTEED.

There are numerous reasons why your flea problem might not go away when treating fleas yourself with over the counter flea remedies. What I am about to tell you may sound horrific, but it's true, and you need to know all the facts if we are to rid you of fleas. "You, your pets, your family and indeed your entire house can become a 'host animal'!"

Sounds horrible, but that is what cat fleas do, they can live off the cat, the dog, humans and will even use your carpets like the fur of a host animal!

Over The Counter Treatments Aren't Residual For Long Enough


The main reason why your over the counter flea treatment hasn't worked is that SHOP, VETS AND INTERNET BOUGHT FLEA PRODUCTS ARE NOT RESIDUAL INSECTICIDES and THEY DON'T CONTAIN AN I.G.R.. (and even if it says they do, they won't be residual enough and the I.G.R. will disappear along with the insecticide, long before the job of flea removal is done.)


I will be saying '3 weeks' a lot on this webpage, get used to it, it is simply the most important thing we need to get into our mind-set when it comes to treating fleas with insecticides. THREE WEEKS!!! 3 weeks!!! 21 days!!! Whichever way you want to remember it, THE LIFECYCLE OF THE FLEA TAKES THREE WEEKS.


A residual insecticide is one that remains working for a long period of time. This is not only necessary for a successful, long lasting, flea extermination, it is an imperative!

Only professional pest products have a long enough residual quality to last the period of time required to rid you of your flea problem. In other words, they need to work for the entire 3 week lifecycle of the flea.

Over The Counter Products Rarely Contain An I.G.R


Another reason that over the counter products don't work fully is that they don’t contain an I.G.R.

This I.G.R. ensures that even if a flea hatches out, scurries through your carpet and gets to have a feed on your ankle before the insecticide kills it, the eggs that it lays will not hatch. Without the I.G.R. added to the insecticide, even professional strength flea insecticide, on its own, would struggle to rid you of your flea infestation.


There is no flea treatment product, professional use spray, or, amateur use flea treatment, that will kill the flea eggs and pupal stages of fleas. If some unscrupulous pest control company says there is, they are lying to you, so please be careful. (Heat treatments will kill the eggs and pupa stage, but will usually cost many hundreds or even thousands of pounds. We can supply this service, but really it is only necessary for Bed Bugs.)

The 3 Week Cycle


The lifecycle of the flea takes 3 weeks to complete. The flea killing product needs to be in place, and working to kill the adult fleas for 3 weeks. There is no way around this 3 week cycle. This is why our GUARANTEED FLEA TREATMENT takes 3 weeks to work completely. Sometimes you won't see another flea from the day of treatment, sometimes you may see the occasional flea all the way until the last day of the 3 week cycle, but after 3 weeks has passed YOU WILL BE FLEA FREE and that’s GUARANTEED*!!! (Remember that our professional flea treatment contains an I.G.R. as well as being residual, so if you are seeing fleas occasionally, don't worry, it's all part of the treatment process.)


It's kind of that simple, but not quite, life rarely is that simple, here is a list of a few more variables that you might want to consider, you may like to take the time to read this insightful blog, or watch this fun and informative video. After all, knowledge is power when it comes to pests like fleas. 

But if, like many of our customers, you have spent a small fortune on flea treatments, that seem to work at first, but then, you look down only to see yet another flea feasting on your ankle, perhaps it's time you use our RISK FREE GUARANTEED FLEA TREATMENT*.


Firstly let me say that we understand your pain and your desperation to be rid of your flea infestation.


Secondly, because you are probably at the end of your tether, we understand that you can be vulnerable to unscrupulous  people in the pest control industry that tell you that you will need more than one treatment for fleas. Or indeed vets and shop owners that will happily keep selling you products that they know you will keep coming back for, because they don’t really work!


Thirdly let us point out that the Pest Interceptors are not like any other flea pest control company that we know of, here's why.


The big difference between us and our competitors is that we are always super busy and for that reason we don't need, or want, to keep redoing jobs that could have been sorted quickly and efficiently the first time around by doing the flea extermination correctly, with the correct products, and informing the client of exactly what will happen as the flea treatment takes affect at getting rid of your fleas permanently. Remember, its RISK FREE and GUARANTEED!


We do not want to charge you twice for a flea treatment that should only be charged once!!!

We find that NOT RIPPING YOU OFF pays us back many times over because you tell your friends to use the Pest Interceptors in the future. Word of mouth advertising is what drives our success, plus referrals and reviews.


Perhaps this is why we are always so busy!!! People love to use us because we are always upfront with our customers about all our pest treatments, especially our GUARANTEED FLEA TREATMENT*


Our customers love that when we say, "We will get rid of your fleas, for good, in one treatment, with only one payment." that that is what will happen.



Sadly, not all pest control companies are alike. We stand out from our competition because we are honest, upfront, transparent and trusted by thousands of customers (8000+ Facebook followers last time we checked). Why not join them? Click here!

This is why we can say you will not need more than 1 treatment. Because you don’t need more than 1 treatment and we do not rip people off. We love to educate you, the client, in exactly what you need to do, and that is a massive thing when it comes to successful flea treatments! If you don't know, then the treatment will probably fail, if you do know, that’s when we can succeed in ridding you of your flea problem.

Let me explain why you don't require more than one treatment per flea infestation. I will explain this in layman's terms to keep this short and to the point, but if you require extra information, or even, more convincing, then we have a blog here that you can take an in depth look at, or this fun fact filled video.

The Flea Treatment Takes 3 Weeks To Be Fully Effective


It is all to do with the lifecycle of the flea. The lifecycle of the flea takes 3 weeks. This cannot be sped up.

THERE IS NO INSTANT FIX FOR FLEAS! If you are being told otherwise, you are being lied to. The lifecycle of the flea takes 3 weeks. Therefore the flea treatment takes 3 weeks to be fully effective.

There is no insecticide (professional use flea product or amateur use flea product) that will kill the flea's eggs/pupae, so we must wait for the fleas to hatch out. The full lifecycle of the flea takes 3 weeks. We must allow this cycle to run through so that we can catch the adult fleas in action. This can only be done with a product that is a residual insecticide and contains an I.G.R., this product must last for 3 weeks. To our knowledge, only professional flea products can do this. You should only require one treatment.  Remember, its RISK FREE and GUARANTEED as long as pre and post treatment procedure is correctly adhered to.


So there you are. You now know all there is to know about fleas (well, all you need to know as far as flea treatments are concerned), the 3 week rule, how the treatment works, what a residual insecticide is, what an I.G.R is, why your treatment isn't working, why you don't need more than one treatment for fleas, and you now know who you can trust to treat your fleas and who will give you a RISK FREE, FLEA FREE TREATMENT GUARANTEE*!!!


For more amazing facts and an in depth look at fleas and their horrible life cycle, please click this link. 




1. To qualify for our FLEA FREE GUARANTEE* you will need to read and apply our pre and post treatment steps. Click here for your easy to follow check list (PDF). You will need to print two copies of this checklist out for your flea exterminator technician to go through on the day of treatment with you to make sure that your guarantee is valid. You will also need to print a copy for yourself so that you can work through the Post-treatment checklist to be sure you haven't missed anything and you are covered by the FLEA FREE GUARANTEE*. FAILURE TO HAVE TWO COPIES OF THE CHECKLIST WILL INVALIDATE YOUR GUARANTEE. The PDF Checklist is also the terms and conditions. 

2. You will need two copies of the PDF. One for the flea extermination technician to sign with you and to go through the checklist with you on the day of treatment. The second copy is for you to go through the pre-treatment checklist and to retain so you know exactly what you must do and what you cannot do after the treatment (Post treatment). This is how we make it a RISK FREE treatment. The only reason it won't work is if the guidelines are not adhered to. 

3. This is a guarantee that the flea infestation that we were called out to deal with is eradicated. Because of the life-cycle of the flea (if you've read this webpage you will understand), any further flea infestations after 4 weeks, from the date of the treatment is not covered by this guarantee, as it would be a completely new infestation.

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