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Insect Control

Why Choose The Pest Interceptors To Deal With Your Pest Problem?

Our extensive years of experience mean we have never been beaten by a pest insect ever! Our reliable pest control is owed to our high levels of skill, enabling us to quickly identify the source of an infestation and exactly what insect pest you are infested by. We can always find a way to kill insects and break the insect’s life cycle. Our pest control company tagline is ‘Pest Interceptors - Breaking the cycle’ for this very reason!

Unlike commonly purchased insecticides, we are able to ensure that you are insect-free. We confront pests and approach insect control at all stages of their life cycle, from egg to larvae, larvae to pupa, pupa to adult, we hit them hard and efficiently - most of all humanely. We are additionally able to offer our expertise on the prevention of the return of an infestation.

What Happens If You Do Not Seek Professional Help For Your Pest Problem? 

If left to their own devices, insect pests can become a major problem in both domestic and commercial properties. As a rule, insects can breed incredibly quickly - in fact, it's their rate of reproduction that really makes them true pests! Additionally, insects predominantly fly, and ants can transmit disease and bacteria. Of course, they can bite, sting, and suck on your blood too! Some can damage and destroy textiles… The incriminated Insects include Wasps, Bees, Bed Bugs, Fleas, Bird Mites, Carpet Beetles, Carpet Moths, Clothes Moths, Textile Beetles, and so on.

What Is an Insect Infestation?

Before we can offer any treatment or expertise of our pest control services, we will need to first identify what insect it is specifically. Usually, we are able to offer our broad spectrum of knowledge for free over the phone, however, you can also send us photos or videos of the offending critters - additionally, our extensive detailed blog pages and every growing YouTube channel may also assist you in the identification of unwanted visitors. Again, advice from the Pest Interceptors is always free and just a phone call away!

As a last resort, and on the rare occasion that we can not utilize our wide range of pest expertise to be able to identify an infestation, we are able to send samples off to our entomologist - they will then be able to advise us what exactly the insect pest is. This will enrich us with knowledge on what the pest feeds on, its behaviours, its lifecycle, and how exactly we can rid you of its infestation and make you pest-free for good. Please note that employing an entomologist will come with a small charge.