ALEXANDAR MERRIS - "Pest Interceptors are great!! Our rat problem of 5 years was quickly diagnosed and a solution put straight in place. Christian recommended other long term solutions we could do for ourselves that have saved us a lot of money and should prevent the unwelcome guests from returning. The guys are great communicators and turn up on time! Which is a bonus when you have to go to work. Please support local businesses and don’t just automatically go for the bigger names when you need to buy services! Thanks to Pest Interceptors the rats have gone and Christmas hasn’t had to be cancelled!!"

KAT ORTON - "Pest interceptors was the second place I rang, the first was pushing a £200 callout on me. The friendly nice man at pest interceptors knew exactly what he was talking about, and told me the problem would clear up on its own, and has saved me £200. Can’t thank you enough!!! 100 percent recommend calling these before you part with huge sums of money, and if you do have to part with huge sums of money for whatever reasons, I’d use this company because they will tell you straight what’s going on."

NIKKI PARKE - "When we finally bought our first home together we were absolutely devastated to find after a couple of days that the seller had left us with a massive flea infestation from her 2 cats and dog. Having no pets, it made us feel dirty and lost as we didn't know what to do. We had at least 20 fleas a day biting us. We messaged Pest Interceptors and they came within a couple of days. They were very informative and always answered my questions and anxieties whatever time of day and trust me there were a lot! We are now happily living in our home after I thought about giving it up many times while we waited for the fleas to disappear. I thought they would never be gone. Thank you so much Pest Interceptors."

NEIL CARTMAN - "Just had a return visit from Pest Interceptors. How professional this company are, after their initial visit they were confident our problem had been sorted. The freak weather we have had caused an issue, but without question they have returned, sorted the problem and no charge. This was better than I anticipated. I would highly recommend them."

LISA MARIA - "Do not look any further than Pest Interceptors. I am so glad I have found them. They have sorted various problems I had to do with rats, wasp nests and a contaminated loft. It was all causing me a great deal of stress. They even helped deal with neighbours that shared the rat problems. Pest Interceptors provided an efficient and effective service and got me through this stressful time. They are worth every penny. They are knowledgeable professionals that take pride in results. Pest interceptors rectified my issue and put measures in to prevent anymore problems. They do things properly unlike other companies that from experience will just cover up the problem and not actually bother to get to the real source / root to rectify and further prevent the problem. These guys are transparent and have high integrity. They are just brilliant, all of their services especially the rat free guarantee package they offer is amazing! Thank you so much guys xxxx"