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Bird Control

What Happens If You Do Not Seek Professional Help For Your Pest Problem? 

Upon establishing a bird infestation we will need to assess the unique case to see the best course of action to take. Regardless of the method implemented, our gentle and considerate approach to animals remains the same. Our attentiveness to creatures and our clients means that we will seek to find the most environmentally and animal welfare-friendly way of removing bird infestations from your property. As with all of our pest services, we act in accordance with UK legislation and encourage our clients to seek British pest control specialists with many years of experience in dealing with pest birds, as opposed to cruelly and incriminatingly attempting to eradicate the problem themselves.

Birds can carry many bacteria and disease, upon their removal we offer a sanitisation service of the area,  which will remove the harmful and unsightly droppings from your property, as well as old nests, eggs and dead bird

Additionally, the Pest Interceptors will look at preventative methods to ‘bird proof’ the property - deterring the creatures from returning to cause more property damage! Various cost-effective methods of ‘bird proofing’ include bird spikes, bird netting or sonic deterrents.

Why Choose The Pest Interceptors To Deal With Your Bird Problem?

Failure to defuse an ongoing bird infestation will result in significant property damage, mostly from their droppings. Whilst bird droppings can have significant destructive and corroding properties upon paint, stonework and other materials due to it being acidic, it is most prominent in causing health problems. Upon the droppings drying and seemingly disappearing to dust, they are able to contaminate water sources such as your water tank in the loft, alternatively, you can breathe it in.


This understandably can cause a range of health and safety risks - when the droppings are inadvertently consumed by the individuals residing in the property, this can lead to harmful illnesses and diseases such as salmonella or psittacosis.  

Amongst other notable damages caused by birds are leaking or clogged gutterings and drain pipes. Pigeons love to nest beneath solar panels too; causing untold damage and problems. 

What Is a Bird Infestation?

A bird infestation can be sighted as soon as more birds than usual appear to be surrounding and nestling amongst your property. Through concealed entrances birds are able to access interior spaces such as lofts where they will begin to live tranquility; breeding, shredding materials for their nests and defecating. 

Feral pigeons and seagulls are among some of the most prevalent bird pests in the UK. Other problematic pests in need of effective bird control include magpies, sparrows, crows, and jackdaws - this list of birds, classed as pest species, is always changing due to government rules and laws being constantly updated, so always feel free to ask us for up to date information. 

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