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Ant Control

What makes the Pest Interceptors the right people to deal with your ant problem?

When it comes to the most problematic of Ants, the Black Ant, we have a superb ant killer treatment that works 100% of the time! In fact, our treatment is so successful we will proudly offer our customers a guarantee. Within a few days of our first and only visit to your ant problem, you will be ant-free for the rest of the year! We can treat all ant infestations quickly and efficiently - so whether you’re in need of Ant control for Black Ants, Pharaoh Ants, Wood Ants, Red Ants, be sure to call the Pest Interceptors right away for a free quote and advice! We will have you rid of ants in just a few days!

How Can Ants Become a Problem?

Ants have a wide spectrum of acceptable foods they will happily take back to the colony; including seeds, fungus, other dead insects, etc. By far the favourite food of the ant species is sweet and sugary foods, especially black garden ants. Once an ant finds a food source, perhaps some spilled sugar at the back of a kitchen unit, she is able to communicate the location of the food to her fellow female work colleagues within the colony. Ants searching for food and being so successful has the inevitable result of vast numbers of hungry ants entering your home through tiny gaps around pipes, cracks in walls, or under the house foundations. Ants being such tiny insects makes proofing against ant ingress virtually impossible.

Although not inherently dirty insects, the garden ants will still be walking indiscriminately over disease-filled items such as dog mess, rubbish bins, etc, and then trailing this all over your premises, and more prominently, your kitchen! Wood ants, red ants and yellow meadow ants can also start to nest in walls and under foundations of buildings, causing structural damage and unsightly frass and debris to build up around tunnel entrances.

What Is an Ant Infestation?

There are many species of Ant in the UK -  some can become an infestation nightmare! The most common 'problem Ant' we get called to is the Black Ant, commonly known as the Garden Ant. These are the species that people see in the late summer afternoons, swarming in their millions. Often, people call these 'flying ants' but really there are just males and females, new kings and queens from Black Ant nests mating to then go on to start new ant colonies for next summer.

Although the Black Ant is by far the most common of the problematic species pest controllers get called to, there are many many other types of ants that can cause problems - all ants need treating and dealing with differently.

Some of the other species are Pharaoh Ants, Ghost Ants, Wood Ants, Red Ants, Brown Ants, and Yellow Meadow Ants. All of these ants can become major infestations and will need treatment in a different and particular way. If you were to mistakenly treat Pharaoh Ants the same way as common black garden ants, you would end up with a major problem as each incorrect application of an insecticide or method of eradication would lead to the original one nest splitting into many other 'satellite' nesting sights!