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Wasp Control

This is why 1000's of people, just like you, choose us to treat their wasp problem -
  • GUARANTEED SERVICE (If the wasps are still there after 7 days we will come back , free of charge to re-treat)

  • 1 HOUR TIME SLOTS!!! (Because we appreciate how busy you are)

  • FULLY QUALIFIED (All staff are a minimum of RSPH Level 2 in Pest Management)


  • TELEVISION ACCREDITED, check us out on Channel 5 

  • 1000's of satisfied clients

  • 8500+ likes on Facebook

  • 5 star Google reviews

  • MULTI-NEST DISCOUNTS (Ask on booking, huge 50% discounts available!)

  • 10 years plus experience

  • Oh and did we mention, IT'S A GUARANTEED SERVICE?

But wait!!! Are they wasps or are they bees?
Still undecided? These useful facts, statistics, and what NOT to do when treating a wasp infestation may help.

If it is before June, it is unlikely to be a wasp infestation, especially if they are in a bird box or if they are circling around your gutters. Don't panic if you have bees instead of wasps. We also remove and re-home both bumble and honey bees. Just click Bumble bees or Honey bees. Take a look at this quick video to see if it is wasps or bees.

Should you see that wasps are entering and exiting a hole in your property, we ask that you do not attempt to block the entry point yourself - not only is it utterly pointless and extremely dangerous, but it can have an adverse effect by making wasp nest removal via professional pest control much more difficult. Should the wasps be unable to chew through whatever material it is you have used to block the hole, they will begin to chew anything soft in order to escape - usually bedroom ceilings made of plasterboard. You would be amazed how many of our clients are woken up in the night by the buzzing of thousands of angry and confused wasps!

If you do see wasps going in and out of a hole in a property, home or business, please contact pest control professionals right away to remove the wasp infestation. The longer an infestation is left, the more wasps there will be! The more wasps ultimately mean the nest will be harder to treat and individuals near the property will have more chance of being stung.

Most importantly, when a nest is allowed to grow alarmingly big, the new queens will leave the old nest and go into a period of hibernation until next spring - ultimately meaning you will have more queens and more nests nearby next year. Deployment of the Pest Interceptors' affordable service ensures you will have peace of mind upon receiving your wasp nest treatment. And don't forget it's a guaranteed wasp nest treatment!

As we all know, wasps can pack a seriously painful sting. What most people don't realise is that when one wasp stings, it sends out a pheromone, a chemical smell message, to signal the rest of the colony to attack. So if you are unfortunate enough to be stung, and the nest is nearby, be assured that lots of her nest mates (yes it's only the female wasps that sting) will be coming to back her up!

Common wasp activity includes that they love to live in wall cavities and roof spaces, and as the nest grows, the workers will remove insulation and other parts of your home to accommodate the ever growing colony.

DIY products will sometimes work on smaller nests, but only if you can get the product to the correct part of the nest, and if you can get the product to the nest without getting stung! And always remember that the closer you are to the nest, the faster wasps will be able to attack you.

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