Over the years, the Pest Interceptors have appeared in local and national press on numerous occasions, as well as national TV including BBC, ITV, and Channel 5. Below is a selection of those appearances.

Most recently, we have been in 2 episodes of 'Filthy Britain SOS' on Channel 5 and 5 Star. We were followed by the film crew going about our daily work and showing some of the UK's most cringe-worthy pest problems, including a mouse that was terrorising our very own Pest Interceptor Christan in his own house!

We were featured in the Express & Star newspaper, prior to our first appearance on Filthy Britain SOS. 

Screenshot 2021-11-02 144006.jpg

Pest Interceptor Mark was in 5 episodes of BBC TV quiz show 'Lightning' in January 2021. Unfortunately he left empty handed, which is unsurprising when you see this clip of him getting a question wrong about bees!

Pest Interceptors head honcho Christan was on the cover of the Express & Star following his appearance on ITV's 'Take me out'

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Christan also managed to make headlines when his gas tank fell off his Mitsubishi Pajero and closed down a local high street for hours!

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Another appearance in the Express & Star for Christan, this time along with his pet and chief molecatcher Maizy, who is sadly gone but never forgotten.

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This time Christan made it from a local newspaper to a national paper, when The Sun did a feature on the nations ever growing rat problem. 

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We have also written articles for industry press - read our latest article that we did for BASIS prompt about bees here.