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Why Choose The Pest Interceptors To Deal With Your Rodent Problem?

Deploying the Pest interceptors to confront your thriving Rat and/or Mice infestation means that the works in question will be carried out to the highest, kindest and most efficient standard. Here at Pest Interceptors, we pride ourselves on our compassionate and considerate approach to all the creatures we encounter; our services will see to that all animals are dealt with quickly, humanely and in a way that is in accordance with UK Legislation. Additionally, we offer Sanitisation Services to follow up our work of eradicating your pest problem - this will ensure that fewer scent trails are left to lure other mice and rat families (Mischiefs) back to the desired property space. 

Here at Pest Interceptors, we pride ourselves on being able to permanently solve recurring rat infestations that have haunted property owners for years; occasionally even decades! Should you find that you have exhausted all other pest control remedies, such as companies, DIY treatments or perhaps your local council pest control department, and the rats keep coming back, you need to call us - the pest control experts! 


We always get to the route cause of the problem and we will always solve your rat nightmare - permanently!

What Happens If You Do Not Seek Professional Help For Your Rat Problem? 

Failure to inform a pest control specialist of your rat infestation will swiftly and solely make matters much worse. These repulsive pests multiply at an alarming rate, ultimately increasing the severity of their infestation and making them more difficult to eradicate. Rats leave trails of their urine for themselves and others to follow, in order to navigate around your premises. Neglecting to employ a pest control specialist means that even once it appears that you have killed off the immediate suspects, using traps that are almost always illegal and cruel, other rodents will return to the scene of the crime to re-inhabit it.

Among one of the key indications of Rats infesting your walls and loft spaces is property damage. Rats are notorious for chewing furniture, plasterboard, and woodwork; although the most concerning of habits is their partiality to gnawing on electrical wiring. Did you know that rodents are responsible for around 20% of house fires? This is why their removal is imperative.

Finally, Rats have the ability to spread many harmful infections, diseases, and bacteria - meaning they ultimately pose a high number of health risks. Allowing the severity of your infestation to worsen means you will likely require a sanitisation service in order to lessen the chance of any repopulation and reinfestation.

What Is a Rat Infestation?

Rats are one of the most thriving and densely populated pests in the UK; therefore are a creature of which most individuals will encounter and have to deal with in their lifetime. 


Rats are relentlessly persistent when it comes to accessing and dominating a property; key indications of their presence include property damage, an awful smell, droppings, scratching noises, and of course, coming face to face with a rat!

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