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Rats, mice and squirrels can carry many diseases, viruses and bacteria. These include norovirus, swine flu, E Coli, salmonella, and legionella to name just a few. Although these diseases, viruses and bacteria can be carried on the surface of their bodies, in their fur and especially on their feet, this isn’t actually their easiest way of transmitting diseases! 

Rats, mice and squirrels transmit nasty diseases in their faeces (droppings) and their urine. It’s a common misconception that rats are incontinent. (They do have sphincters and can control themselves if required.) But they use urine and droppings as messaging to other rats and mice as a way of marking out the routes they take. This route marking is how they can find their way around your loft in absolute darkness. Rats and mice always use exactly the same routes each time. Every time they use this urine marked route they add more urine and faeces. Over time as you may have discovered, this pungent smell can become almost overpowering! 

Another lovely behaviour that rats and mice have is to use ‘latrine points.’ This means that in your loft there could be certain places where all the rats and mice go to defecate. These piles of poop can be really quite impressive (although impressive may be the wrong term!) 

One thing to remember is that these smells are also there to attract other rats, mice and squirrels into their group. This is one (but not the only) reason people get re-infested after the rats or mice have been gotten rid of. These attractive odours will stay around for years in a nice dry loft, with the potential to attract an investigative rat, mouse or squirrel.


The main objective of a loft sanitisation is for you to have a clean and healthy home. It will certainly help to stop re-infestations of squirrels and mice. But if it's a recurring rat infestation, please read *IMPORTANT* below.

What we do - 

1. We firstly spray a special biocide in the loft to keep down the dust and for our safety. 

2. We remove old insulation, bag it up, and remove it. 

3. We then vacuum up droppings, nest materials, dust and dead bodies. 

4. We apply a second larger dose of biocide. This biocide kills viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa etc. The smell that you smell in urine and faeces is mainly caused by these organisms. 

5. We will install new insulation if you want us to. 

6. We leave you with a hygienic loft that now smells of a slight perfume of disinfectant, and the knowledge that your loft is now a safe place for you and your family to go, and a lot less chance of rats or mice returning.

Pricing - 

All lofts are different sizes, with different accessibility and manouverability, and also with different amounts of insulation and debris to be removed etc. As such, we would need to visit you and give you an individual quote. Prices for a full loft clearance and sanitisation start from £1249 + VAT, plus the cost of a suitable skip. BUY NOW PAY LATER

We do a service where we re-insulate your loft with clean new insulation. Again, this would need to be quoted for separately. 

We will leave you non-toxic monitoring baits in your loft when we come to quote. This is a FREE service. If you go ahead with the loft sanitisation, obviously we will check for rodent activity using these non-toxic monitoring baits before we start the loft sanitisation. This is to make sure you are in fact fully pest free (you only need this service if you or another pest control company has eradicated your pest issue, and not the Pest Interceptors.)


If you have had a recurring rat problem - no matter what other unscrupulous pest controllers have told you - having your loft sanitised, or sanitised and proofing work carried out in your loft, will not solve the recurring rat problem. If a rat problem keeps happening then the root cause must be found and rectified. If you are unlucky enough to have a rat problem that just keeps coming back you need our Rat Free LIfetime Guarantee... And then, and only then, when you are guaranteed you are rat free for life, then it is the time to sanitise your loft space so you have a clean and safe loft area... forever.

Here is a link to the only money back lifetime guarantee rat service in the UK.


Rats and mice will usually use your pipework and other utilities such as electrical wires, gas pipes etc to move around your house. This means that wherever the utilities run, the rodents naturally go to, meaning that kitchens and bathrooms are a particular favourite of rats and mice to patrol for food. 

As previously mentioned, rats and mice leave urine trails to help them find the same route in the dark in future. This means that wherever they have been, there is a trail of bacteria, viruses etc. These organisms love warm, damp places. For this reason, under baths, and under and behind kitchen units is basically a breeding place for these organisms!

What we do - 

In bathrooms, we take bath panels off and anywhere else we can gain access to. We then clear droppings and other detritus, dust, nest materials etc 

In kitchens, we ask you to remove food and crockery from all cupboards and drawers. We then remove kickboards at the base of kitchen units. We then remove all droppings, dust, nest materials etc. Then we apply our biocide to remove smells and scent trails and kill any bacteria, viruses etc from under units and inside cupboards. Then we reinstate your kickboards. You can then clean your crockery and put them back in your now sterile cupboards and drawers. 


Pest Interceptors will come and assess your premises and give you a quote for free, so don’t hesitate to call us on 07852134442

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