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Mole Infestation Control

Why Choose The Pest Interceptors To Deal With Your Mole Problem?

When it comes to a Mole infestation, regrettably the only legal option of removal is to eradicate the moles. Here at Pest Interceptors, we pride ourselves on our considerate and compassionate approach to animals. Employing us as your pest controllers, to attend to the mischievous moles lurking within your garden or sports grounds means that the works will be thoroughly and efficiently completed. As with all creatures we attend to, we use the most humane, legally compliant and compassionate means of ridding you of your infestation of moles. 

It usually only takes a couple of visits over a week for our expert mole catching skills to take effect - although, on rare occasions, it may take longer to rid you of mole activity. Should the removal of the moles take longer than be initially intended, rest assured this will be at our cost, not yours. The Pest Interceptors will keep going until you and your property are mole free; also, you never pay until we have caught the moles. 

Once we are happy that you have mole-free land, we will offer you two options. These consist of either 2 weeks cover, where if a new molehill pops up within the 2 weeks of cover,  we will come and restart the process for free until you are once again mole free. The more cost-effective of our options, depending on your local mole population and if it is their breeding season (early spring), is a 12-month guarantee. This cover provides you with unlimited call-outs from the first day we declare that you are mole-free. The more time the tunnel systems are kept mole-free, the faster the tunnel systems disappear. Once they have disappeared, you have a lot less chance of re-infestation.

What Happens If You Do Not Seek Professional Help For Your Pest Problem? 

Moles, due to their subterranean lifestyle, have very few natural predators, so, once they've set up home in your garden, they will usually be there for many years, feeding on food sources, and digging constantly with their front paws as they search for worms and insects. 

As the tunnel system expands you will see more and more unsightly molehills/surface tunnels appearing. Even once the tunnel system is fully constructed you will still see new molehills appearing as they clear soil and stones that have tumbled into the tunnel system, being pushed out above ground to form new hills.


So please be aware of these stones when mowing your lawns as you don't want broken windows or broken mowing blades due to the stones.

If you are unlucky enough to have a female mole you will get male moles digging 'surface runs' just under the surface of your grass as they look for the female. And, if she is found and mated with, she will then go on to produce up to 6 new moles that will be setting up their own tunnels and homes not too far away from mother mole! 

What Is a Mole Infestation?

If you see a molehill appear on your lawn, or, on your pristine sports pitch, you have a mole infestation. Once a mole has decided to put in the hard work of tunnelling and pushing up a molehill, it's usually staying there for good.

A molehill is simply the excess soil, from subterranean deep tunnel systems being constructed under your feet, being pushed, by the mole, to the surface. This is usually the first sign you have a mole problem.