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Bed Bug Infestations

Why Choose The Pest Interceptors To Deal With Your Pest Problem?

The eradication of Bed Bugs is an extremely challenging task; the industry standard is approximately a mere 7%! Upon contacting the Pest Interceptors team we will talk you through the types of treatments available to you, and which treatment will get rid of your bed bugs most efficiently. Before this, we will require you to undertake some extensive preparation prior to our arrival at your property to treat your pest problem - it is due to our long and thorough preparation checklist that we can proudly state we have an exceptional 75% success rate upon full customer compliance. Upon consultation, we will be able to extensively detail the signs of bed bugs and our various bed bug control methods; such as bed bug heat treatment, bed bug chemical treatment, or a mix of both bed bug treatments simultaneously. We offer our pest exterminator services to both hotel rooms and residential properties.

When learning of the disappointingly low industry-standard rate of success in treating bed bugs, the Pest Interceptors vowed to eradicate these awful pests from properties tenfold; Bed Bugs are our area of expertise. Our extensive experience and understanding of Bed Bugs enable us to use their unique behaviours to our advantage. Bed bugs are incredibly resilient insects, and for this reason we are fierce in our fight to rid your home of them, therefore we will be consistent in our crusade to cure infested homes and businesses.

What Happens If You Do Not Seek Professional Help For Your Pest Problem?

Bed Bugs are not easily distinguishable from other pests, therefore our customers often make the devastating mistake of ignoring them for a period of time or attempting to resolve the infestation themselves using online, low-cost‘ bed bug treatments’ - if these treatments worked, we would use them ourselves! Neglecting to seek professional pest control help immediately and underestimating the severity of these insidious home invaders can allow for them to multiply by the hundreds in a minuscule period of time - additionally using DIY treatments will often do nothing but encourage the bugs to strengthen their immunity towards chemicals. ​Bed Bugs have evolved alongside humans over millions of years and have become accustomed to our taste and habits - the regular drainage of our blood can cause us to have health complications, in addition to a blood-soaked bedroom. Bed Bugs' rapid reproduction often sees them branching into different rooms; even different buildings and apartments! It is crucial to contact professional pest experts to help right away.

What Is a Bed Bug Infestation?

Bed Bug infestations are undoubtedly among the worst pests you can have to inhabit your home.

Identifying factors of a bed bug infestation most commonly include bed bug bite marks in a straight line, and brown or red ‘spotting’ on your bedsheets; the residue from these awful pests feeding on you in the night and defecating your own blood upon you as you sleep. Although the bloody staining of your bedsheets and inflammation of bed bug bites may repulse you into ringing bed bug exterminators, often these awful, beastly bugs go unnoticed long enough to multiply by the hundreds or thousands and venture through cracks and crevices to commandeer other rooms of a property.

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