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Can we make this pub rat free... without harming the rats??

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Vegan pest control at its best!!!

This pub had recently been done up at great expense to the pub chain.

They didn’t realise that there had been a rat problem in the beer garden area for years that the previous owners hadn't been able to solve!!!

Only when the pub upgrade was finished and opened did the rat problem start to raise its ugly head.

Customers started to notice rats running around outside on the evenings. Then the rats got braver. They would be seen in broad daylight as their natural fear of humans was overcome by the rats need to feed from dropped food and crisps.

The customer wasn't a vegan, but we did the rat removal in a totally vegan friendly way. Vegan friendly is animal friendly. Our Vegan Pest Control is even RAT FRIENDLY!!!

We discovered two manholes. We opened them to see that they were full of soil and gravel!!! We could see quite clearly that the rats were using these manholes and old dilapidated pipes to escape from the sewer system, as rats do.

Our first job was to pressure jet the system out so that a sewer camera survey could be carried out to see where the rats were getting out of the sewer system.

We then used our sewer camera to see where the rats where getting out of the sewer system. Many problems were found.

With our Rat Free Lifetime Guarantee, and our Vegan Rat Free Lifetime Guarantee, we aim to let rats get from the infested house, back into the sewer system, where the rats feed and live. This way we do not have to cause any harm to the rats! Vegans of the world should be quite impressed. No rat poisons, no break back traps, no catch and release (WHICH IS USUALLY ILLEGAL, but I will write another blog on this soon), no stress to the rats…we just use the natural behaviour of the rats to get rid of the rat problems!!!

Once the rat infestation has moved back into the sewer to meet its other rat friends, we make it so the rats cannot get back out of the sewers. On this occasion we fitted a Rat Flap. A Rat Flap is an ingenious invention that allows rats, water and poop, through a one way valve. This valve is a flap of stainless steel that hangs down in the sewer pipe it is fitted into. When the rats come back from their sojourn into the sewer system, they find they cannot get back into your home, and carry on their ratty existence in the sewers, where they thrive and survive.

Happy rats, happy customers, happy vegans!!!

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