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Flea Infestations

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Why choose us?

Fleas are among some of the most irritating and skin-crawling pests - upon seemingly getting rid of them, they reappear again! Deployment of a Pest Interceptor to the site of your flea infestation guarantees the job will be done quickly and effectively; we often see customers that have spent months wasting both time and money on ineffective online treatments, ultimately enabling the infestation to significantly worsen. The most effective solution to a flea infestation is eliminating them altogether.

Our specialist team has access to superior products and equipment that enables us to conquer fleas at all stages of their life cycle, from eggs to adults - something internet or store-bought solutions cannot do. Larvae or Pupae are fleas in their younger form - the most problematic, as they can lay dormant for weeks and weeks! Using our professional pest control service will ensure the Flea Pupae are also dealt with; unable to hatch and re-infest the property in a few week's time.

Employment of the Pest Interceptors to treat your flea infestation will mean you will only require one treatment! Any product or company advising that you will need more than one treatment does not have your best interests in mind, has no understanding of the creature, and is likely seeking just your money!

The Pest Interceptors GUARANTEE the success of our ONE-TIME flea treatment, 100% of the time.

What Happens If You Do Not Seek Professional Help For Your Pest Problem?

A vast majority of pet owners will, unfortunately, encounter fleas. Despite regularly treating your beloved pets, if there are flea larvae present in the property, the infestation will rekindle due to their ability to survive and lay dormant for a long time.

Neglecting to inform pest flea exterminators, equipped with specialist technology and equipment, your infestation will return. Fleas can easily pass between individuals at home or in the workplace, your property alone could be responsible for the infestation of all of your colleagues' households!

The main encouragement for eradicating fleas is their disgusting nature of festering; as well as their hideous bites, which for all will be itchy and painful, but for some can result in rashes and hives surrounding it.

What Is a Flea Infestation?

Thanks to their love of the blood of our domestic pets, Fleas are on the periphery of all property owners. Typically an individual will either spot a flea jumping throughout the premises, or they will be made aware upon scratching an insatiable bite. As days pass, more and more fleas will become present throughout the property - not just in one contained room.

The ones that we can see are adult fleas. Amongst an infestation there will be flea larvae, which are resilient to all insecticides and are able to lay dormant for months - ultimately re-hatching and re-infesting later down the line.

Although they are no immediate threat to humans, Fleas can be of danger to our cats and dogs.

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