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As a Rat Free Lifetime Guarantee certificate holder you will be covered as follows: 

The 'Rat Free Lifetime Guarantee' shall herein be abbreviated to/known as 'RFLG' for the purposes of this explanation/document.  In this document, Pest Interceptors LTD shall sometimes be known as 'we'. 

From the date we issue you a RFLG certificate you are covered against rat ingress at the property addressed on this RFLG certificate. The Person named on this RFLG certificate is the only person covered by the RFLG. The RFLG is NOT transferable between addresses or persons. THE PERSON NAMED ON THE RFLG CERTIFICATE IS COVERED FOR THEIR LIFETIME WHILST THEY ARE OFFICIALLY REGISTERED AT THE PROPERTY COVERED BY THE RFLG CERTIFICATE**.  The date the cover starts will be written on the RFLG certificate. The certificate shall be signed by a Pest Interceptors qualified technician and/or the CEO/representative of Pest Interceptors Ltd and the person who will be covered by the RFLG. NAMES MUST BE PRINTED AND SIGNED IN ALL BOXES REQUIRING NAMES AND SIGNATURES on this certificate. The certificate shall have the full address that is covered by the RFLG. 

The RFLG covers the certificate holder for RATS ONLY. It does not cover any other pests or animals. 

In the unlikely event that you were to experience a recurrence/ingress of rats at your property, simply get in touch with us by: Phone: 07852134442 


We shall endeavour to have a technician with you at your property within 48 hours of contact. Please note that this may not always be possible during public/religious holidays. You will be required to show us the original RFLG certificate; photocopies, photos, or screen shots of this RFLG will not be acceptable. So, please keep this original copy somewhere safe. 



The below are included in your RFLG only if they are deemed necessary by the Pest Interceptors LTD technician attending your property. We are the experts and we know what is required and what is not required:


*4 and 6 inch rat flaps and similar one way valve devices that stop rat ingress from drainage/sewers.

*1 Straight line remote pipe patch repair to drainage/sewer pipes within 5 metre of nearest manhole access. (If more patches are required there would be a charge. Larger diameter pipes are not covered.)

*High pressure drain jetting.


*Necessary rat ingress proofing on your property.

*CCTV drain camera survey.


The above, included in your RFLG, is sufficient in 99% of circumstances to make you rat free, but that does leave 1% of jobs that it doesn't. We are always upfront and honest with our customers. That is why we tell you about the 1% of problems that we don't cover in your RFLG and what will be needed if you are the unlucky 1%.




Other animals, whether they are pests or not, are not covered by the RFLG. Neighbouring properties (unless specifically named on the RFLG certificate) are not covered by the RFLG.

If you lose your RFLG certificate, or, the RFLG certificate is damaged, or, amended in any way, the RFLG certificate shall be deemed null and void. 



*Sometimes rats are gaining ingress into your property from drainage/sewer pipework that can only be fixed by your LOCAL WATER AUTHORITY. We are not allowed to do any work, repairs, fixes or fit one way rat flaps to pipework that is owned by the local water authority. But we will show you were and what the problem is that will need rectifying to stop your rat problem. The problem that needs to be rectified may even be on a neighbouring property's pipework that is under local water authority jurisdiction, sometimes quite a distance from your property. Your local water authority should repair these problems for free whether it is on your property or a neighbouring property. By showing you what and where the rat ingress point is we have done all we can do and we have honoured our contract with you.

*Bad plumbing. On rare occasions the original or/and added new pipework on your or neighbours properties can have been installed badly. A slow flow rate (because the pipes were laid at too shallow a fall/angle) can cause toilet waste to not flush away properly into the main sewer. If this toilet waste gets stuck above rat flaps or holds the rat flaps open this can cause the flaps to be ineffective. These problems can usually be rectified by running taps and flushing toilets repeatedly all at the same time, therefore moving the toilet waste. If the toilet waste is stuck above the rat flap it will be a food source for the rats and mean the rats in your property do not need to pass through the flap to the main sewer for food. This is why we sometimes pressure jet your drainage/sewer system before we install a flap. In very rare instances a new manhole chamber will need to be installed to fit a secondary rat flap in and/or high pressure jetting may be required to remove the toilet waste. If either of these options is needed we shall quote for this work and you can decide if you want us to carry out the work or you can get your own sufficiently trained/qualified drainage engineers to do the work, both options will be at your expense.

*Pipe patching covered in your RFLG is only 1 straight pipe patching within 5 metres of an accessible manhole. Pipe patching on bends or pipework further than 5 metres away is not covered in your RFLG, neither is the pipe patching on pipes with a larger diameter than 6 inches. We will however quote for this work, but you are free to use an outside contractor to do the work required. Both options are at your expense.

*If, during the sewer/drain survey we discover you or a neighbouring property has a collapsed drain/sewer pipe that we suspect is the ingress point for rats getting into your property we shall quote to rectify this issue if it is something we feel we can do. You are free to get other quotes from suitably qualified drainage companies. Both of these options are at your expense and not covered by your RFLG. Proving (sometimes by a process of elimination) that the collapsed pipework is the ingress point of the rats, or, that the ingress point is beyond the collapsed pipework (again by a process of elimination) means we have honoured our contract with you.

*Hidden/built over manholes. We cannot be held responsible for built over manholes that stop us from carrying out our work. It is illegal to build over manholes without a build over agreement from your local authorities/council. We are not concerned about the legalities of who built over the manhole in question and we do not report such issues to anybody. Sometimes a built over manhole can make it impossible to solve your problem and the manhole will need to be exposed so that we can stop the rat problem. More often than not we can still solve your rat problem without exposing (digging up) your/your neighbours built over manhole, but it can make it impossible to show you where the rats are gaining access into your home because we cannot get the cctv sewer/drain camera to where we want to get it. But, through a process of elimination, we can prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the problem is upstream or beyond the built over manhole. Exposing built over manholes is not part of your RFLG. We shall quote for this work if it is necessary to get you rat free. The built over manhole may be in one of your neighbours properties, again, as long as we prove beyond a reasonable doubt that this is the rat ingress point to your property via neighbouring properties we have honoured our contract with you and no refunds will be granted.

*Adding new manholes/access chambers. Sometimes the answer to the rat problem can only be solved by adding a new manhole/access chamber on the pipework into which a rat flap needs to be fitted. Adding new manholes or access chambers is not covered by your RFLG, we will however quote for this work to be done by ourselves or you are welcome to get the work carried out by a suitably qualified person. When we prove that this work is what is required to make you rat free we have honoured our contract with you and no refund shall be offered.

*Manholes that cannot be lifted. Old or damaged manhole covers can be a problem. We will try our best to lift these stuck (usually rusted shut) manhole covers, but sometimes a full new manhole cover and surround will be required to be fitted. We cannot be held responsible for this occurrence, we will however quote to do it on the day we are there and rectify the problem for you. This will not be covered in your RFLG and it will be an additional cost to you. You are more than welcome to rectify the situation with a suitably qualified person/company. If we need to return on another day because of the manhole problem we shall charge our travel/fuel surcharge again before commencing the work to supply you with your RFLG.

*Problem neighbours. If you have a neighbour who will not allow us access on to their property or fix a problem on their property that is causing your rat problem, and we can prove by a process of elimination that their property is the likely cause of your rat problems, we cannot be held responsible for this and our contract with you shall have been honoured and no refund will be granted. We shall help you with legal advice on how to force the problem neighbour to rectify the issue. If the problem neighbour means we need to return to your property (or the neighbours property) at a later date we shall charge our travel/fuel surcharge again. 

*On very rare occasions a 9 inch rat flap is required to be fitted to stop rat ingress into the property. This is not covered by the RFLG and will incur a further cost. Please note that this is extremely rare.



If the RFLG certificate holder says there are rats and we prove that there are no rats, our standard rates for callouts/visits/fuel surcharges shall apply if we prove there is no rat issue. If we visit and there is evidence of rats, there is obviously no charge. 

If rat ingress into the property was stopped by fitting 'Rat Flaps' into the drainage/sewer system, then the following substances/products must not be flushed down toilets or poured down sinks: Oil, Grease, Cooking Fat, Wet Wipes, Sanitary Towels, Cue Tips, Ear Buds. These items/products should not be put into the sewer/drainage system of the property anyway, but if they are, 'Rat Flaps' fitted into your drainage/sewer system then these items/products will stick to the rat flap and could render it ineffective at stopping rat ingress. If this is found to be the case, a Pest Interceptors team will need to remove and clean the flap, and, to jet clean the sewer/drain pipework. Our standard rate for the work required will apply to rectify this, and mileage charge.



1. - If you involve other pest control operatives/companies in whilst we are working on your problem.***

2 - If you involve local water authorities, drainage companies, sewer companies in whilst we are working on or after we have granted you your RFLG.***

3 - If you do not listen to or disregard our advice/instructions or do not follow our advice/instructions, or if you meddle with our equipment/tools, you will void the RFLG and no refund will be applicable.***

4 - If you use rodenticides, traps, pest control sonic devices, chemicals, any other pest control devices or 'old wives tales' to try to treat the rat problem yourselves whilst we are working on your RLFG, you will void your RFLG and no refund will be offered.***

5 - If you do not honour payment within the agreed terms for any extra work carried out by Pest Interceptors Ltd you agree to.

6 - If you do not carry out any extra works that we tell you is needed, whether the work is done by Pest Interceptors Ltd or other competent contractors, or if the work is not carried out correctly/competently by other contractors.


 *During this 8 week period the RFLG certificate holder must allow Pest Interceptors technicians access to all parts of the property and/or land that the technician deems necessary, to carry out the works required, for at least one hour every 7 days, Monday to Friday,  to gain access to treat/remedy the situation. 

Access must be granted to Pest Interceptors technicians as above to prove/disprove whether rats are still present at the RFLG certificated address. 


**Proof of official residency will be required to make any claim against Pest Interceptors LTD, the money back guarantee, or for any remedial works to be carried out after issue of this certificate. 

***Unless this is discussed with by a Pest Interceptors representative and agreed in writing, text or email

NB - Sometimes rat flaps can be a permanent fix to rat ingress. Sometimes rat flaps can only be used as a short term fix or to prove that a particular area of pipe work is at fault. If further work can be done by us, we shall quote for this work. Sometimes these works can only be carried out by your local water authority. If we have proven that there are problems that can only be rectified by your local water authority, Pest Interceptors Ltd cannot be held responsible for these issues/problems. Pest Interceptors Ltd accepts no responsibility and/or charges for work needed to be carried out by local water authorities.

In proving that rats are gaining ingress via pipework outside of our duristriction/authority/remit, Pest Interceptors Ltd has done all that it can to make you rat free. We cannot be held responsible for pipework that cannot be fixed by Pest Interceptors Ltd. Local water authorities will sometimes charge the home owner for work required, this is the homeowners responsibilty to pay, not Pest Interceptors Ltd.



If you still have the original rat infestation after 8* weeks from our initial visit to site to start the process and treatment of the rat infestation.  In other words, if we have failed to stop the rat infestation within 8 weeks. Then you can make a request for your money back. This is on the proviso that we have been given/granted access when and where it has been requested. 

If your rats recur after we have issued you with a RFLG and we cannot make you rat free again within 8* weeks. 

If you do want to use the money back guarantee please be aware that this will invalidate your RFLG. 

Please be aware that all tools, baits, traps, rat flaps, devices that were used in the process of works in making/trying to make you rat free remain the property of Pest Interceptors LTD. and these items must be returned or must be made available for removal (at a chargeable rate) to/by the Pest Interceptors LTD. technician/representative on request.  Monies shall not be returned until this has been rectified to a satisfactory situation by the technician/representative/CEO of Pest Interceptors LTD.*

Above all, have faith in yourself for choosing this product, and have faith in our proven procedures and processes...

IT ALWAYS WORKS! (Or your money back!) We have your best interests at heart, you are our top priority, These terms and conditions are here mainly to protect both you and the Pest Interceptors. Sometimes, it is down to you or other authorities to fix the problem and all we can do is help you and to prove what is needed to get you rat free forever. But rest assured, when you follow our advice, you will have a rat free home.

*A deduction from the final 'money back' payment shall be made for services we have carried out at your/your neighbours property in good faith. These deductions shall be at our standard rates plus vat. The deductible services are - Sewer drain jetting (high pressure), and lining of defective pipework.

In the extremely unlikely event that we cannot work out what is causing your rat problem (This hasn't ever happened) we would refund all monies paid minus the deposit and travel surcharge.

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