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Why Do Rats Keep Coming Back: Unveiling the Root Cause.

Living with a rat infestation is not only unnerving but also poses health risks. Many homeowners wonder why rats seem to keep coming back even after their best efforts to eradicate them. In this blog post, we will shed light on the common misconception surrounding rat entry points and uncover the true source of these persistent invaders. Additionally, we will introduce Pest Interceptors, the only company in the UK that provides a guaranteed rat service.

Misconceptions about Rat Entry Points:

Contrary to popular belief, rats rarely enter homes through holes in the walls or via the attic. While these openings should still be sealed to prevent other pests from entering, the main culprit lies beneath our houses - broken drainage pipes.

The Role of Broken Drainage Pipes:

When drainage pipes become damaged, whether due to wear and tear, roots intrusion, or ground movements, they create a direct passage for rats coming from the sewer system. These furry creatures are highly adaptive and have developed the ability to navigate underground systems with ease. Once they find an entry point, they can effortlessly make their way into our homes, seeking shelter, warmth, and food.

Why Rats Keep Coming Back:

The broken drainage pipes under our houses serve as a revolving door for rats. Until the underlying issue of the broken pipes is addressed, we may continue to battle with recurring rat problems. Traditional extermination methods alone, such as baiting and trapping, will only provide temporary relief, as more rats will quickly replace those that were removed.

Introducing Pest Interceptors – The Ultimate Rat Solution:

Fortunately, there is a solution that aims to address this root cause - Pest Interceptors. As the sole company in the UK offering a guaranteed rat service, they understand the importance of sealing off rat entry points while simultaneously resolving the broken drainage pipe issue.

Pest Interceptors' comprehensive approach involves the following steps:

1. Drainage Pipe Inspection: Their expert technicians conduct a thorough inspection of the drainage system, identifying any cracks, leaks, or damaged areas.

2. Pipe Repairs: Using advanced techniques and quality materials, Pest Interceptors efficiently *repair or replace the broken drainage pipes under your house. This ensures that rats can no longer gain easy access to your home from the sewer system.

3. Rat Removal: While addressing the root cause, Pest Interceptors simultaneously employ effective rat removal methods, including trapping and safe removal of existing rats.

4. Prevention and Monitoring: After resolving the rat infestation, Pest Interceptors implement preventive measures to ensure that rats cannot re-enter your property.


Rats can be persistent and resourceful when it comes to finding entry points into our homes. By understanding the true source of their entry, broken drainage pipes, we can effectively combat their infestation. Pest Interceptors stands as the only company in the UK offering a comprehensive and guaranteed rat service that encompasses drainage pipe repairs, rat removal, and preventive measures. Don't let rats keep coming back, enlist the expertise of Pest Interceptors for a rat-free future.


Guaranteed rat pest control is here. Introducing to you the ONLY money back lifetime rat pest control company in the UK….maybe the world!

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