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How To Detect Pests In Your Home

Here at Pest Interceptors we want to give you an insight into how you can discreetly detect a pest infestation in your home. It is everybody’s worst nightmare to come home from a hard day at work to find your house riddled with little rodents or creatures. We want to show you how to detect an infestation before the situation gets a whole lot worse. Whether you have noticed the signs already, or you’re paranoid about your home being taken over by the pests, follow the next steps if you are looking to eradicate any pests from your home.

Physical Damage or Structures

Have you recently noticed there are physical damages occurring to your house such as gnaw marks, scratched or holes appearing all over your home? Even outside on the woodwork in your garden you may have found signs of pests appearing. Even tiny holes in your floor which have recently appeared could be due to the fact that you have pests living in your home. You may notice small piles of fine dust under wooden parts of your house or furniture, a sure sign of woodworm or other wood boring insects. This is one of the most common indicators which signifies you have pests living in your home. If you have recently found any abnormal signs and damages to your property, be sure to get in touch with our team at Pest Interceptors today, we are based in the West Midlands.


You may have recently found signs of nesting appearing on your property, whether it is inside or out, we can help you get rid of the pests today. You will find that the nests aren’t just made from leaves, it is made from quite literally anything the pest can get their claws on. Common places for you to find pests nesting in your home are under floorboards, behind walls and in the loft and basement areas. This makes it much more difficult for you to detect whether or not your home is infested with rodents, therefore we would advise you to keep an eye out for any small details or smells which may occur.

Pest Droppings

This is one of the biggest giveaways that your home is infested with rodents, but you would be surprised how many people don’t even notice these small animals dropping throughout their home. You may be thinking of large dropping from mice and rats, but droppings from much smaller pests are harder to distinguish between. If you think that your home may be riddled with pests, give us a call today.

Damaged Plants

Pests are most commonly found in homes, but this isn’t to say that they cannot be found outside. Many people are quick to eradicate the pests from inside their home, but what about the ones which are running the landscape of your garden? These are far more detrimental to your property and if they aren’t seen to can have huge consequences if unseen to. It is important that you keep a close eye on your property, especially the plants in your garden. Any traces of pests need to be seen immediately.

For any more information, feel free to get in touch with our qualified pest controllers today! Here at Pest Interceptors we want to help you get rid of the pests from your home. If you’re looking for pest control in the West Midlands, Pest Interceptor can help you today!

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