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Pest Control Services, West Midlands. Preparing For the Winter months.

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

As the winter months are fast approaching, whilst it is true that pests are more active in the summer we want to help you prepare for the upcoming winter months. Many pests hibernate through winter and their chosen spot is in the warm, therefore they try to find ways into the heart of your home. If there are easy access points into your home, pests and rodents will tend to take full advantage of this and invade your property without you even realising. If you are looking for pest control specialists in the West Midlands, Pest Interceptors have all the information you need to know!

Let’s take a look at the most common pests found throughout the winter months.

Flies and Cockroaches

It will be unlikely that you find these pests outside in the winter months, but these hostile creepy crawlies are more likely to be found lurking in your home. Both flies and cockroaches are drawn to the warmth so when the weather drops in the winter months, they find their way inside. If you have recently noticed an increase in these tiny pests, it’s important that you address the issue and get rid of them as soon as possible. We would highly recommend that you take a thorough inspection of your property to seal any access points which any pests can enter your home through.

Have you recently been hearing scratching noises coming from your loft space, but you can’t work out what the issue is? More often than not people automatically assume they have a bird stuck in the roof or a rodent infestation, but this isn’t always the case. Although squirrels may come across all innocent and cute, this is definitely not true!

Squirrels can cause havoc in your attic if not seen-to immediately, over time they will begin to gnaw down every inch of your loft causing an awful lot of damage. You need to be careful when dealing with squirrels, there are different laws put in place for both red and grey squirrels. We strongly recommend seeking advice from the professionals, here at Pest Interceptors West Midlands, we can help solve your issue today.

These rodents are most often found in the winter months due to the fact they are hibernating in the warm throughout the winter. It is very unlikely that you will spot traces of the rodents in the very early stages, so if you find any signs of rats and mice in your home it is more than likely they have been there for a while. If not seen-to immediately you will find that rats multiply quickly, and the problem can become much bigger if ignored. If you suspect you have a rodent infestation, we recommend that you talk to a professional immediately. Here at Pest Interceptors, West Midlands, we can carry out a comprehensive investigation of your property.

If you are looking for a team to help eradicate pests from your home in the winter months, Contact our team today. Pest Interceptors can work with you to ensure your home is pest-free!

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