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How To Get Rid Of Wasps

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Wasps may be a real pain (literally if you get stung by one!) but they are an essential part of the ecosystem. Not only do they protect our gardens and farmers by taking pests like caterpillars and aphids to feed their siblings, but they are also extremely important as pollinators. Some research says that they are nearly as important as bees as pollinators!

But, like myself, you probably dislike them extremely! This is not a silly or paranoid fear!

Nearly every year someone dies from a wasp sting, sadly this is sometimes by people trying to treat active nests by themselves without the proper protective clothing, in fact last summer (2019) a pest controller was found in his van dead, even though he had all the correct PPE on at the time. It's a dangerous game!!! So please don't try to deal with them yourselves. 

Human death is usually caused by the person going into anaphylactic shock after a wasp sting. It's said that it could be off one sting, or after being stung on separate occasions over many years that are spread out. All it takes is that one wasp sting to make your body go into shock, you just never know which sting it will be. SO BE CAREFUL!!! We carry an EpiPen at all times, just in case!

One thing people don't realise is that when a wasp stings you it leaves a chemical marker, or pheromone, where it stung you. This marker is there to tell other wasps from the wasp colony that there is an enemy or threat (YOU) nearby. On sensing this chemical scent marker, other wasps will join in on the attack, so try not to get a wasp sting near the nest of wasps!

You may have noticed that at the end of summer that wasps start to get really bothersome, stealing sugary drinks and food, there is a reason for this. During the spring and early summer they are more likely to want to steal your meat off the BBQ or ham off your ham sandwich, let me explain why this change in their diet happens. In the early part of the wasps cycle the worker wasps need to feed the growing wasp colonies thousands of grubs, that will soon become the next worker wasps, with protein. In nature they get this from insects and caterpillars, etc., but your chicken drumstick on the bbq or ham in your sandwich is just as protein rich as a caterpillar, so they will steal this instead. Really annoyingly, the wasp that found your bbq then goes and tells all her friends (yes, HER friends, as all worker wasps are ladies), and more and more wasps turn up to take part of your dinner back to the wasps nest. But this is only true up until autumn! Then they get really angry and hungry! This is because the protein they feed to the wasp grubs is turned into a sugary liquid by the grubs to feed the wasp feeding it. But then there's a change in the nest. The Queen wasp stops making worker wasps, and so there are no grubs. This then starts to cause the worker wasps to have no food source (the sweet sugary liquid produced by the grubs), so now you have maybe 10 thousand hungry female wasps wanting a sugary diet. This is when they attack your sweet drinks and occasionally you because you are drinking their food source. 


We pride ourselves on the speed and efficiency that we can get rid of a wasp nest, sometimes we are in and out in minutes of our arrival. This is because we have all the best wasp extermination kit with us and we are extremely practiced in getting rid of wasp colonies.  

Get in touch with our team today here at Pest Interceptors, Pest Control Midlands. We provide the highest standard pest control services across the West Midlands. If you’ve got a pest control problem, give us a call. Whether it be Rats, Mice, Bed Bugs, Wasp Nest or any Pest Infestation we can come to your homes and businesses today!

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