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Protect Your Home From The Invasion Of Rodents In The Winter.

As the nights are getting darker and the weather is getting colder, the winter months are soon arriving, and we want to prepare you with some of our top tips for preventing pests entering your home in the winter months. With over 10 years in the pest control industry, Pest Interceptors in the West Midlands have worked with thousands of different pests over the years and we want to use our knowledge and expertise to your advantage.

Follow this guide to preventing Rodents from entering your home in the winter months...

Whilst the majority of pests go into hibernation throughout the winter, this is where rodents are different. The winter is the perfect time for them to go on the lookout for a warm place to stay whilst also seeking a source of food. We want to make you more aware of the severity of finding pests in your home and why you need a qualified pest controller to solve the issue.

Rats You will find that the winter months are when the rats take the opportunity to come into the comfort of your home, most commonly found nesting in undisturbed materials and/or piles of debris in the basement. Rats are very well known for getting into small spaces and gnawing on anything in sight. If left for a long period of time, the nest-building and infestation can take over your home as well as the rodents making significant damage to your property.

Did you know that rats can fit through holes and cracks as small as 20mm, take great care in inspecting the interior and exterior of your property? When doing so, take this opportunity to block any holes which have the potential for a rat to enter your home. We would suggest that you are aware of this and make regular checks of your property to ensure there is no possible way for a rat to enter your home.

House Mice Have you recently found small brown pellet droppings around your home, but you are unsure what this ultimately leads to? More often than not this is a sign that you have house mice in your home. If you look closely there will be signs of the pests everywhere without you even noticing. House mice live in packs with their family and come out to feed during the night. Their nocturnal habits can lead to them going unseen for months, but if left for a long period of time they can be harmful to both you, your family and your property. The rodents may seem cute, but they often carry mites, ticks and fleas around your home causing harm to your property.

If you discover a mouse in your home, we strongly advise you to get this problem seen to sooner rather than later, it’s time to take immediate action. Top tip for you is to be sure to store your food away in airtight containers, mice tend to nibble through plastic and into your food. Take this opportunity to leave the hard work to the experts, Pest Interceptors can remove the rodent from your home today! We work to the highest standard in commercial properties and homes to ensure all your pest issues are erased.

For more information about Pest Control in the West Midlands, get in touch with our team of professional pest controllers today! We work in and around the west midlands area to ensure your pest problems are dealt with.

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